F / 游泳池










  1. 若有以下情形之一,請勿下水:
    (2)皮膚病(潰爛、傷口) 患者。
  2. 游泳前請務必充分做好暖身運動,以避免發生抽筋和感冒等症狀。
  3. 飯後或空腹禁止下水。
  4. 為維護清潔,入池前請先徹底卸妝並淋浴再入池。
  5. 禁止跳水。
  6. 請將您的物品置於置物櫃,並建議您上鎖。
  7. 非本公司泳池工作人員禁止教學。
  8. 自由區內,允許使用手臂圈、浮板、其餘游泳輔助品請勿使用。
  9. 請勿使用划手板及蛙鞋。
  10. 泳池硬體設備若經人為損壞一律需負賠償責任。
  11. 泳池燈具均為高溫探照燈、勿朝燈具使用水槍噴射及潑水、避免發生危險!如造成設備毀損,須負賠償責任!
  12. 12歲以下兒童須由父母、監護人或其他實際照顧者陪同。
  13. 禁止在池內使用遊樂器具請勿攜帶毛巾、眼鏡入池。


  1. Do not enter the water if one of the following conditions occurs:
    (1) People with infectious diseases.
    (2) Skin disease (festering, wound) Patients.
    (3) People with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, unconsciousness, etc., who are not suitable for admission in physiological or psychological state.
  2. Please fully warm up before swimming to avoid symptoms such as cramps and colds.
  3. It is forbidden to enter the water after a meal or on an empty stomach.
  4. To clean the city, please remove makeup and shower before entering the pool.
  5. Do not allow diving.
  6. Please place your item in the locker and suggest that you lock it.
  7. The teaching of non-company swimming pool staff is prohibited.
  8. In the free zone, do not use the arm ring, floating plate, and other swimming aids.
  9.  Do not use the paddle board and flippers.
  10. Swimming pool hardware equipment will be liable for damages caused by human damage.
  11. The swimming pool lamps are high-temperature searchlights. Do not use water guns to spray and splash water towards the lamps to avoid danger! If the equipment is damaged, you must be liable!
  12. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other actual caregiver.
  13. It is forbidden to use a musical instrument in the pool. Do not bring towels or glasses into the pool.